Researching Genre Trends: A Beginner’s Guide

Okay, so how do you research the latest trends? Today I’ll help walk you through the beginner’s basic research process. Ready, set, click!

What’s Your Genre?

I know this should seem obvious, but I can tell you from personal experience, it pays to look really close at just what your book’s message is all about and who your readers are. Not every book is for everyone. It does you no good to write a contemporary romance but use the style of a high fantasy cover. Even more so if you don’t fit in the right subgenre (Billionaire, small town, urban, etc) of your main genre (contemporary romance for example). Too many one-star reviews result from readers who didn’t get what they thought they were paying for. You could say it was their fault for not reading between the lines of your synopsis. But really, it’s all about meeting your reader’s expectations. Tell your story, but also be clear enough so they know what they’re reading.

How to Research

Before publishing, you need to have a plan. Will you publish exclusively to Amazon or go wide? Are you focused on a USA-only market, or a much broader audience? These factors and more play a huge role in how you approach your research. For expedience’s sake, today I’ll share how I research the latest trends.

Pick your platforms: Today we’ll choose three big whigs — Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo

Pick your genre: Now that you’ve decided which genre best fits your novel, find that category at each of your three platforms. For fun, let’s choose the Paranormal Romance. Click on the platform links for this — Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Look at the top five (keep in mind this is only one and arguably the easiest method). Normally, I skip the biggest name authors, as their names are what sells them. Sometimes it also helps to look at the most recent releases, to get a better grasp on what’s fresh. Here are my results:

Amazon Bestsellers

bestsellers as of 5/28/20

Barnes & Noble Bestsellers

bestsellers as of 5/28/20

Kobo Top Bestsellers

bestsellers as of 5/28/20

Trends Change

Cover art changes in style from year to year (sometimes quicker!). It will pay off in the long run if you keep your ear to the proverbial ground and pay attention. Utilize tools like KDP Rocket, or fall down the rabbit hole of your preferred book genre. If your sales for a book in your backlist have fallen low, try updating your cover and interior. Remember trends change. You might be surprised to see what stays the same and the new and creative ways designers and authors are showcasing their work.

Thanks so much for reading! While most of our clients are seasoned pros at what they do, just as many of you are starting fresh. We are here to help you navigate through your publishing journey. If you’re one of our seasoned vets, please feel free to share your own tips and tricks of the trade in the comments below. We’re stronger together, as one big publishing family, than apart, right?




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Qamber Designs and Media

Book Branding 📚 #BookCovers, #teasers, #GIFs, #formatting, #kidlit #illustrations and so much more!

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