I have a confession to make. All writers, no matter their success or failures face the same inner demon. Even now, it is difficult to put into words the occasional bone-deep, mind-numbing fear we have to write. Crazy isn’t it? Our greatest passion and the thing that drives us to become the one thing we struggle most with. I’ve known and heard of a similar thing happening to other artists and musicians. It is an age-old struggle, where genius and madness blur the lines. Not coincidentally, those with the most genius face the worst inner demons.

I am not a genius by any stretch of the imagination, but like so many authors and artists before me, I feel very deeply. Since I was little I’ve always been able to sense other people’s emotions and empathize with their struggles. I looked at the world around me, in…

Tired of digging through the internet heap for the right info? If you’ve been writing for some time, but haven’t published. If you’ve been publishing for years, but find your career growing stagnant. If you have a dream and haven’t found the means to make it a reality, look no further!

The Women in Publishing Conference has a massive lineup of experts in the industry — over 70 women providing their best tips, tools, resources, and insights.

Over the course of the next 5 days, we have a huge mission to achieve. 40+ interviews and training sessions with 70+ women who really want to share their passion for writing and publishing and selling books!

This year’s theme is The Power of Your Words. You really can make…

Since its inception, Qamber Designs has had the opportunity to work closely with the team at Black Spot Books to help bring many of their books to life. For those of you unfamiliar with the publishers of award-winning titles like Seven Jane’s The Isle of Gold and Sam Hooker’s Terribly Serious Dark series, Black Spot Books is an author-centric, traditional small press publisher of bestselling and award-winning speculative fiction, and an imprint of books-to-film multimedia corporation, Vesuvian Media Group. Today, we are excited to discuss their recent anthology release, Dead of Winter with editor and publisher, Lindy Ryan.

Qamber Designs: Lindy, thank you for allowing us to pick your brain today about your recent book release! To begin, could you tell us a little about Dead of Winter and the story behind how it was conceived?

Lindy Ryan: Absolutely, it’s my pleasure! Dead of Winter is the second…

This past week was the cover reveal for SKIN HUNGRY, my new age gap romantic comedy play that’s releasing on Audible on November 30th. Today, I thought it would be fun to take you behind-the-scenes this week and show you how this particular cover came to be. Sound good? Let’s go!

First of all, let it be known that THIRTY-SEVEN emails went back and forth between me and the brilliant Najla Qamber of Qamber Designs & Media. (Seriously, I checked my inbox just now. Thirty. Seven.) So it’s definitely a process! This was our 5th collaboration and we have many more…

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